About Us

Anderson Murray Diagnostics is made up of Medical Doctors, Specialist Technicians and Healthcare Professionals who work together to provide specialist health services to increase the scope of General Practice.

What Can We Offer Your Practice?

Our team specialise in: 

 + Cardiology

 + Sleep Medicine

 + Respiratory Medicine

 + Medical Supplies

Increase Your Medical Scope....
...Improve Your Clinic's Revenue

Practice Information

All general practices are recommended to add services that increase their clinic's medical scope

Benefits include:

+ Offer patients a wider variety of medical services rather than referring them to specialised clinic's that are too far and too expensive.

+ Significantly reduce waiting periods to access specialised services 

+ Increase your Practice Nurse's skill set by introducing them to new diagnostic services

+ Increase your medical practices revenue stream and diversifying the clinic's medical portfolio, therefore guaranteeing a steady income stream.



Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

P: (02) 8003 3734

F: (02) 8583 6583

PO Box 4112

Carlton NSW 2218

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