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Our Story

Founded in 2018, our team of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals came together with a shared vision of improving inefficiencies within the Australian cardiology market.

Ever since, we have been working diligently to ensure cardiac diagnostic services are accessible to every Australian.

Our professional services team has now expanded and includes cardiologists, cardiac technicians, statisticians and pharmacists. 

Our Vision

 Ultimately we would like to contribute to improving patient health outcomes, especially for older Australians.


We hope to reduce healthcare costs by increasing the adoption of innovative technological solutions within the healthcare industry which would allow for greater access to essential services by patients across the nation.


 We would also like to see unrestricted access to existing technological solutions, specifically in rural and remote regions across Australia.


Innovation is taking methodologies that currently exist and synergising them in a new way. 

That's why we work in collaboration with Medtech companies such as DMS systems that exhibit over 30 years experience in ECG product manufacturing and analysis.


 Founded by Bill Parsons who developed the first Holter ECG system in conjunction with Dr. Holter and Dr. Corday, you can be sure that our technology is proven, accurate and reliable.

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How it works


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Encrypted Data Transfer

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Streamlined referrals

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Quick patient setup

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Secure file transfer into CIS


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ECG data analysed securely

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Reports interpreted by leading cardiologists

Channel 7 News

"The new technology will save patients hundreds of dollars in specialist appointments"

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